The JBMO 2019 will be hosted in Cyprus during 20-25 June 2019.

Official arrivals at Larnaca International Airport (20 June 2019).

Official Departures from Larnaca International Airport (25 June 2019).

Venue of the JBMO 2019: Rodon Mount Holiday Resort, Agros

Venue for Jury (first two nights): Forest Park Hotel, Platres


SECTION A - Regulations and other Information

JBMO Regulations

SECTION B - Information and Registration

JBMO 2019 Registration form (word file)

JBMO 2019 Registration form (Pdf file)

JBMO 2019 General information and Problem proposals


Information about Observer and Accompany person cost and for Guest Country Participants for JBMO 2019:

Supplementary Costs:

Observer or Accompany person participation cost for member and guest countries:

500 euro in sharing double room or 650 euro for single room (arrival 20 June, departure 25 June 2019)

Guest Country participants

1) Students in triple rooms: 500 euro per student for the official period (arrivals 20 June, departures 25 June 2019)

2) Teachers is double rooms: 500 euro per teacher for the official period

3) Teachers in single room: 650 euro per teaher for the official period

The above includes transfers to and from the Larnaca International Airport and the Venues, Full-Board accommodation, social events and organizational expenses.


JBMO 2019 communication email  info@cms.org.cy

SECTION C - Programme


SECTION D - Participants

Confirmed Member Countries participants

1. Bulgaria

2. Cyprus

3. Greece

4. Moldova

5. Montenegro

6. North Macedonia

7. Romania

8. Serbia

9. Albania

10. Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Guest Countries Accepted

1. Azerbaijan

2. Croatia

3. Cyprus B

4. Ecuador

5. France

6. Kazakhstan

7. Saudi Arabia

SECTION E - Problems and Results


Problems with Solutions

Medals for Member Countries

Medals for Guest Countries

Total score per country


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