European STEAME Webinar - Curriculum for students of the 21st century

What are the skills students need in to be taught in schools? Redesigning national curricula plays an important role for reflecting the knowledge that students need to acquire to master the skills of the 21st century.

Join this webinar to hear more about the topic from two experts.


Tuesday 26 January, 16:00 CET

Curriculum for students of the 21st century



What is this webinar about?

In the first part of the webinar, you will be introduced to the 2020 OECD publication “What Students Learn Matters”, which presents comprehensive and comparative curriculum analyses that were conducted with a wide range of stakeholders, including students.

The second presentation will showcase the Erasmus+ project STEAME (Science-Technology-Education-Arts-Mathematics-Entrepreneurship). The presentation will give hands-on, ready and accessible solutions for how teachers can run STEAME learning activities within their school curriculum for students aged 10-18.


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